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The Pancreas and Its Diseases.


by Cedill

What is Diabetes?
Diabetes is a disease in which your body cannot properly store and use glucose for energy. Glucose comes from food such as fruit, pasta, bread, and some vegetables. In order for glucose to work properly, glucose depends on a fuel such as insulin. Insulin is made from a gland in the body called the pancreas.
With little or no insulin, glucose builds up in the bolld and cause high blood glucose levels.
Symptoms that may occur are as follows:
- be moody
- urinate more
- be hungry
- feel tired
- be thristy
Other Symptoms maybe:
- weight lost
- get infections
- blurry vision
There are two types of Diabetes:
Type One Diabetes occurs when the body makes little or no insulin.
Type Two Diabetes is when the insulin made, cannot be used properly.


Diabetes Type 2

Diabetes Type 1


(Editor Note: Hypoglycemia is listed under Diabetes with the defense that it is more commenly fouund with paitents already suffering from diabetes. It does not,however, mean that this is the only base of which the disease is found, only that it is more commenly found with a diabetic paitent.)

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