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The Pancreas and Its Diseases.

Pancreatic cancer
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What is Pancreatic Cancer, it's symptoms, and how can it be treated?
                       Written by Shawna. Images provided by Lesleigh

What is Pancreatic Cancer?
  The Pancreas has 2 main functions: To make juiced containing enzymes to digest food, and to produce hormones, including insulin that help the body  use and store the energy from the food. Pancreatic Cancer occurs when there is an uncontrolled growth  of abnormal cells that form a  mass called a tumor. When the tumor has the ability to spread to other areas of the body it is called a malignant, Tumor Another word for a Malignant Tumor is Cancer
 Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms.
  Pancreatic Cancer has been called by some, a "silent" disease because the tumor can grow for many years before it causes pressure,pain or any signs of illness. The symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer in the following; Jaundice (yellowing of skin, eyes, dark urine and lightly colored stool), Generalised itiching; pain in the upper abdomen and back; nausea;loss of appetite; unexplained weight loss; and weakness.

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Pancreatice Cancer Treatments.
 There are some treaments for those suffering with Pancreatic Cancer, such as:
Sugery: This treatment is offered only if the tumor is localized and for those who have the physical stamina to make it through a majoy operation. Surgery to remove a tumor can take several forms, depending on the location,size, and stage of the cancer.
 During this procedure, more commonly known as the "Whipple procedure", the surgeon removes the head of the pancreas, part of the small intestine, and some of the surrounding tissues.
 Total Pancreactectomy
 In this operation, the ENTIRE Pancreas, part of the small intestine, stomach,bile duct,gallbladder,spleen and most of the lymph nodes in the affected area is removed.
 Distal Pancreactectomy
 In this surgery only the tail section of the Pancreas is removed.
Radiation Therapy.
 Radiation therapy involves using high energy rays to destroy cancer cells and to shrink tumors. This is a commen procedure for most, if not all types of cancer.
 Chemotherapy is used to control and/or treat cancer using anticancer drugs that destroy the disease by interferring with their growth and/oir preventing their reproduction.
  Some side essects of Chemotherapy are: Fatigue;Nausea and vomitting; mouth  sores;head and stomach pain; hair loss;Anemia;Infection;nervous problems; blood count problems among others.

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