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The Pancreas and Its Diseases.

Fasting Hypoglycemia
Cystic Fibrosis
Glucagon Production
Pancreatic Insufficeny
Pancreatic cancer

Written by Lesleigh

Fasting hypoglycemia is diagnosed from a blood sample that shows a blood glucose level of less than 50 mg/dL after an overnight fast, between meals, or after exercise.
  Causes include certain medications, alcohol, critical illnesses, hormonal deficiencies, some kinds of tumors, and certain conditions occurring in infancy and childhood.

Medications, including some used to treat diabetes, are the most common cause of hypoglycemia. Other medications that can cause hypoglycemia include

  • salicylates, including aspirin, when taken in large doses

  • sulfa medicines, which are used to treat infections

  • pentamidine, which treats a very serious kind of pneumonia

  • quinine, which is used to treat malaria

 Alcohole --body's breakdown of alcohol interferes with your liver's efforts to raise blood glucose. Hypoglycemia caused by excessive drinking can be very serious and even fatal.

Hormonal deficiencies

Tumors --Insulinomas, insulin-producing tumors, can cause hypoglycemia by raising your insulin levels too high in relation to your blood glucose level

Critical illnesses such as various liver and heart diseases.


  Hypoglycemia RARELY occurs in children under the age of ten years. However it is not unheard of. Some causes of thise are:

~ Hyperinsulinism, which is the excessive production of insulin

~Hormonal deficiencies such as lack of pituitary or adrenal hormones.

~ Enzyme deficiencies that affect carbohydrate metabolism




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