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The Pancreas and Its Diseases.

Pancreatic Insufficeny

Cystic Fibrosis
Glucagon Production
Pancreatic Insufficeny
Pancreatic cancer

 Written by Lesleigh

 What is it?
Pancreatic Insufficiency occurs when the pancreas does not make enough chemicals and enzymes for normal digestion to take place. When insufficiency is servere, as with cystic fibrosis, malabsorbtion may result leading in deficiency of essential nutrients
  Servere Pancreatic Insufficieny also occurs not only in Cystic  Fibrosis but in Pancreatitis (chronic/hereditary) and certain gastrointestinal diseases such as Celiac disease and Crohn's disease.
  Symptoms of Pancreatic Insufficiency
 ~ Pale bulky stool
~ abdomenal discomfort
~ Gas
~ bone and muscle pain.
 Some possible treatments are LipramŽ,  and ViokaseŽ) (both contain pancreatic enzymes),
High Fiber diets
a low fat diet
not drinking alchole
not smoking.

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